From the race track onto the street

Protecting your car with a paint protection film from XPEL

Why XPEL paint protection

At high speeds, every pebble turns into a bullet.
The high-end paint protection film from XPEL ist made for extreme applications and is protecting your paint effectively.

Product and service

Besides applications in motorsports, we also offer our exclusive service of paint protection to private customers.

XPEL is a paint protection film, that protects your paint from outside influences. It provides efficient protection from stone chips, but also other environmental impacts, like weather, gravel, insects and scratches. Under the film your car stays untouched and keeps its value.

With its self-healing properties XPEL is not only protecting against scratches, but under heat eliminates them itself. With a 10 year warranty on its products, even we as true perfectionists are fully convinced.