From the race track onto the street

Protecting your car with a paint protection film from XPEL

Why XPEL paint protection

At high speeds, every pebble turns into a bullet.
The high-end paint protection film from XPEL ist made for extreme applications and is protecting your paint effectively.

Product and service

In addition to applications in motor sports, we also offer our exclusive paintwork protection service to private customers.

XPEL is a paint protection film that protects your paint from external influences. It provides efficient protection against stone chipping, but also against other environmental influences such as weather conditions, loose chippings, insects or scratches. Under the film, your vehicle remains undamaged and thus retains its sales value.

Thanks to its self-healing properties, XPEL not only protects the car from scratches, but also makes them disappear again when they come into contact with heat. In addition, XPEL gives a 10-year guarantee on its products, which even convinces us as perfectionists.

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We offer the following protective films:

  • Ultimate Plus
    • highly transparent version of the XPEL paint protection film
    • the degree of gloss looks like "freshly polished" and gives the paintwork even more depth effect
    • due to its self-healing surface, the film has a permanently consistent look
  • Stealth
    • same properties as Ultimate Plus, but with a matt surface
    • is suitable for matt paintwork as well as for the complete bonding of glossy car paint
    • Result creates an effect similar to the well-known Frozen factory finishes
  • STEK-DYNO Carbon
    • is a dyed paint protection film in a carbon block and has the same properties as Ultimate Plus

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does the car paint discolor or look different when the paint protection film is removed?
    • The paint protection film, which protects the original paint, is UV-transparent. As a result, there will be no color change compared to unprotected parts on the vehicle.
  • Does the film require special care?
    • Simply wash the vehicle and wax as usual. We recommend applying the wax every 3-4 months after the vehicle wash.
  • Can the foil be removed?
    • Yes. The film has a patented adhesive layer that allows you to remove the paint protection film from the vehicle without damaging the paintwork.

BMW M4 CSL in matt paint with satin matt stone chip protection (STEAHLTH) & carbon rocker panels
M4 sapphire black satin matt stone chip protection (STEALTH) & carbon paint protection bonnet + mirror
M4 CS in gloss finish: Foiled with gloss stone chip protection (ULTIMATE PLUS) and digital print of the BMW flag design
Porsche 992 Targa 4 GTS in gloss finish: foiled with gloss stone chip protection (ULTIMATE PLUS)
Porsche 718 GT4 RS in gloss finish with satin matt stone chip protection (STEALTH) & carbon paint protection roof