SimRacing – the digital BMW M4 GT4

RaceSpirit is engaged in SimRacing for a while now. For several racing teams we have been designing 3D models of their cars in breath-taking designs.

SimRacing is the recent trend in motorsports, where professionals and amateurs participate in virtual races. The real race experience is simulated as detailed as possible.

The BMW Groups is providing different eSport plattforms with their vehicle data even considering variables like fuel quantities and tire abbrasion. Traction, grip and driving behavior – everything is as real as possible. 

In order for the new BMW M4 GT4 to have an ambitious 3D design, we created a new layout, which we applied onto the 3D model. So besides its technical features, the M4 GT4 got a dynamic look as well now.

Wishing all simracers many wins with this exciting vehicle!

Emily, Apprentice Media Design